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Denture stabilisation is a reliable solution to your denture problems

Denture stabilisation | Complete Dental Implants Perth

The challenge of ill-fitting dentures

We understand how challenging and problematic denture problems can be. Typically, loose dentures can cause problems when you chew, when you speak or even when you smile. Patients we help have often been unhappy with the frequent use of adhesives or denture glue, or told us stories of embarrassing situations when their dentures have fallen out or moved at social events.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to speak to our experienced implant dentists here at Complete, to look into the cost effective and sustainable solution of denture stabilisation with implants.


How do we stabilise your dentures with implants?

We can stabilise your current loose or problematic dentures using “clip-on” implants, or if your dentures are old or worn down, we can make you new implant stabilised dentures with optimal aesthetics and function.

When your dentures are stabilised by implants, you can use them reliably to eat, smile and socialise, without those embarrassing denture moments. 

With “Locator dentures”, “clip-on dentures” or “implant dentures”, we use implants secured permanently in the jaw, to act as “click-on” or retention points for your dentures. You can still click them out for cleaning, but click them in for secure, stable and reliable function. This prevents movement during eating, speaking, sore spots, or any need for denture glues. At our clinic, the implants are placed usually in a single surgery in the comfort of sedation. 

Denture stabilisation | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Lower vs. Upper Jaw Implant Dentures

Lower full dentures can be a nightmare for many patients, as they can have very poor retention, especially in cases of resorted or shrunken jaw. But they can’t be reliably stabilised with as few as two (2) implants, even in cases of limited jaw bone – a relatively simple and life-changing treatment for many patients. 

For upper full dentures, we may often recommend more than the basic two implants to give good long term outcomes. 


Permanent implants for even more stability

Although implants stabilising dentures is reliable and effective, many patients we see even choose to get rid of their dentures altogether, replacing them with non-removable, permanent new implant teeth without any plates. You may have heard of our All-On-4 and the All-On-4-Plus methods, which are some of the common permanent implant solutions we offer. 

Denture stabilisation | Complete Dental Implants Perth

These achieve immediate non-removable permanent new teeth without denture flanges or plates. In most cases we perform this as just one surgery, under local anaesthetic or the added comfort of sedation dentistry – even in most cases of limited jaw bone or poor jaw bone quality. 

Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Expertise in Implant and Sedation Dentistry

At Complete, you are seeing a team has a particular expertise in implant and sedation dentistry. We have helped many hundreds of patients here in Perth, with a permanent and reliable solution for typical denture problems. But each case is unique, each person is an individual – so we always start with a diagnosis, and discuss your particular situation and the most suitable options that may be suitable fo your treatment. Dr Misagh Habibi is a Master of Oral Implantology (MSc) and a tutor to postgraduate implantology students, as well as a researcher and lecturer in the field. So you know you are in experienced, expert hands. 

If you have any questions about denture stabilisation or any other dental implant treatment, please contact our friendly reception team, who are more than happy to discuss your situation and arrange a consultation for you.

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