Terminal Teeth

About terminal teeth and severe gum disease

Terminal teeth explained

Terminal teeth as a diagnosis can occur after long periods of neglect, and unfortunately this is not uncommon. Quite often, a phobia of visiting the dentist is the reason why people suffer from deteriorating oral health resulting in terminal teeth. All disease starts with small and easily treatable signs, and that is why it is important to stay on top of your dental health and visit the dentist regularly. But with terminal teeth, the teeth as a whole have become either too diseased to be saved with a good expected long term outcome, or too diseased to save at all.

terminal teeth

Causes of terminal teeth

This can be due to severe overall dental decay, gum and dental bone disease (periodontal disease), root canal infections, missing jaw bone, severe wear and breakdown, or a combination of these.

Usually this takes place after many years of neglecting dental problems, or lack of proper diagnosis, leading to small problems deteriorating into much more serious ones. By the time they are being diagnosed as “terminal teeth”, there is no realistic way this particular set of teeth can be restored and saved.

Consequences of terminal teeth

If the entire teeth of one jaw or of the whole mouth are in a hopelessly diseased or damaged state, then this will influence the quality of not just your smile but life and overall health. It may make you more self-conscious and it may affect your relationships and your professional life. It may also have a negative impact on your overall health, as it will change the quality of your bite and oral function, and influence the way you digest your food.

We find that some patients suffer tremendously from terminally diseased teeth, whereas others may not be in any pain or discomfort, but still have advanced disease progressing in their teeth and surrounding gum and bone tissue.


All On 4 is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry.

If you need a full teeth replacement, then this technique performed by our team can result in longer lasting, more cosmetically pleasing, immediate teeth, compared to conventional techniques.

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What can be done to replace terminal teeth?

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we will first give you a thorough assessment of your situation. This will include the current condition of your oral health, and we will look at your history and your personal requirements. Our dentists first take time to understand your concerns, and to know what you want to achieve, before they make a full assessment of your teeth and surrounding gum and jaw structures.

Then, they offer the most suitable treatment options for you, explaining what can be expected and achieved, and what the different costs for your various options would be, utilising our advanced experience and skills in reconstructive implant and sedation dentistry.  Many cases of terminal or hopeless teeth can be treated with an immediate teeth replacement solution such as All-on-4 implants, or with implant dentures, in only one surgical procedure. Other cases may benefit from staged approaches utilising procedures such as grafting to create healthy bone for future implants. And other patients prefer to replace their teeth with dentures, which are the lowest cost solution. Whatever the solution we create optimal smile designs and work to meet your aims and desires.

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