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All On 4 Plus® is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry.

All On 4 Plus®
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The All On 4 Plus® technique has become a valuable treatment for patients wanting to achieve durable, strong and new teeth on the foundation of only four dental implants per jaw, with immediate results. With this treatment your new permanent implant smile makeover is achieved in just two to four days.

If you need a full teeth replacement, then this technique performed by our Perth team can result in longer lasting, more cosmetically pleasing, immediate teeth, compared to conventional techniques. It also works in many cases of deficient or poor jaw bone, that would otherwise require bone grafting or augmentation procedures to allow for conventional implant methods.


How does All On
4 Plus®

If you don’t want dentures, or you have advanced or terminal teeth or gum disease requiring dentures, or you have multiple missing teeth, then All On 4 Plus® can provide a superior solution.

The name of this technique, All On 4 Plus®, refers to the use of four dental implants, used to support your replacement teeth. In most cases, the front implants are straight and the back implants are embedded at a 45º angle, so they provide exactly the right level of support for total rehabilitation in many cases.

Dr Habibi’s All On 4 Plus Titanium® dental implant solution follows on from the pioneering work of Dr Paolo Malo of Portugal, who developed the original All-on-4 dental implant technique. Refinements were made by Dr Fibishenko of Melbourne, culminating in All On 4 Plus®.
All On 4 Plus | Complete Dental Implants Perth

The aim is to give you strong, easy to clean, and more aesthetic teeth than traditional methods of immediate implant teeth. It also provides an immediate implant bridge solution in 2-4 days (compared to up to 12-24 weeks or more with other methods). This means you get to enjoy your renewed functionality and smile much faster.

Aesthetic gum replacement is incorporated in the implant bridge, meaning it also gets rid of diseased gum tissue, and unsightly or visibly receded gum problems.

The All On 4 Plus Titanium® implant solution, a workflow developed by Dr Misagh Habibi and his collaborative dental laboratory technicians, is built to last longer than conventional, immediate all-on-four implant solutions.


What to expect?

In the week before your treatment, we produce impressions of your teeth and gums, perform a photographic analysis and use 3D computer images for cosmetic planning. This is also when we discuss your aesthetic preferences and requirements.
Step 1

On day one of your treatment week the All On 4 Plus® surgery is performed under IV sedation. Any required teeth or infections are removed, your implants are placed, the gums sutured cleanly closed. Impressions are taken and a mock-up teeth and bite design is checked on your implants.

Step 2

On day two we plan a try-in of your new, implant-supported teeth and assess the design for fine-tuning of your bite and the cosmetics. This allows you to provide feedback on tooth positioning, shade, appearance and bite.

Step 3

On days three and four your new All On 4® teeth are permanently attached to your implants. They are made of cosmetically finished, high-impact acrylic, on an underlying CAD-CAM case-designed milled titanium framework.

This is a unique aspect of Dr Habibi’s method and technique. Conventionally, an acrylic temporary denture is used after surgery and in this case the permanent titanium hybrid implant bridge is attached with 2-3 days of surgery.

Generally, you will experience very little discomfort on the post op period, and any discomfort you may feel is controlled with analgesic medications.

For a few weeks, you will need to keep to a strict soft-liquid diet for a few weeks, so the implants can osseointegrate into your jaw bone. Smoking is to be avoided as well. After this period, you can resume your normal diet.

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What if I don't have enough bone?

Many patients have limited jaw bone, due to long term shrinkage (atrophy) caused by denture wear and missing teeth, or from oral infections. We have helped hundreds of patients who have previously been told they do not have enough bone for dental implants.

All-on-4 solutions can be successfully applied in many cases of minimal bone availability in the jaws. For upper jaw (maxilla) cases where there is next to no bone left at all, or where the sinuses have grown into the upper jaw, we have solutions including sinus lift (to create bone for dental implants), or All On 4 Zygoma, or zygomatic implants.

In cases of no to minimal upper jaw bone, zygoma implants bypass the missing area of jaw bone and embed into the under surface of the cheek bone (zygoma bone), usually providing a secure foundation for immediate All-on-4 style teeth replacements without any need for bone grafting. In cases where All-on-4 may not be suitable in the upper jaw due to severe lack of bone, All On 4 Zygoma may be a suitable means for you to achieve immediate fixed teeth replacement without stages or bone grafts.


Perth's All On 4 Plus® experts

Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry is Perth’s official All On 4 Clinic, and we are the only WA clinic selected to represent this reputable national brand. Dr Habibi performs implant procedures on a daily basis, and All On 4 Plus® procedure is a regular part of his schedule. On site, in our state-of-the-art clinic, we provide fully monitored sedation anaesthetic and surgical services and are widely regarded for sedation dentistry (also called sleep dentistry). You can learn more about our All On 4 Plus® Titanium implant solutions at our Perth All On 4 Clinic website:

Feel free to contact our friendly receptionists to discuss whether All On 4 Plus® treatment, or other implant solutions, may be suitable for you.

All On 4 Plus ®

Immediate full teeth replacement for infected & diseased teeth

All On 4 Plus | Complete Dental Implants Perth
All On 4 Plus | Complete Dental Implants Perth

All On 4 Plus ®

Immediate full teeth replacement for missing teeth & dentures

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