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Missing teeth can affect the quality of your bite. Depending on the position of the missing teeth, your confidence may be affected too. 

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Missing teeth:
the problem

One or two missing teeth can appear like a minor problem initially. Even if you have only lost a single tooth, and not replaced it, it can change the alignment of adjacent teeth, and your gum shape and bone mass in the jaw. It can affect the quality of your bite, put extra pressure on any vulnerable nearby teeth and depending on the position and extent of the missing teeth, it may also affect your smile, confidence, and general function when you chew, speak or smile.
When a large number of teeth, or a full set are missing, loss of bone mass can affect the shape of your face, and cause problems with oral function and treatment options as it gets worse. We can advise you about the intricacies of your particular situation, if it is likely to cause a problem or not, and what types of solutions are available to you.

How missing teeth affect your jaws and face

Missing teeth can cause a number of consequences for your oral health. The bone mass (bone density) in your jawbone is maintained by pressure. When you chew, it stimulates the bone and this pressure helps maintain bone mass and density. In the case of missing teeth, bone mass below starts shrinking away. Your alveolar ridge bone shrinks, and that’s the bone your teeth are embedded in. With time in many cases (such as long term missing teeth) this shrinking extends to your deeper jaw bone, and may cause your face to “collapse”. That is why with long term missing teeth or dentures, you would often look significantly older than you really are, as well as having trouble keeping in any dentures or having a reliable dental solution – because you may be losing the supporting jaw bone.

Luckily, there are effective ways in modern implant dentistry to treat the loss of teeth, so you can maintain good oral health and overall function, as well as to prevent (or replace) missing jaw bone and gum. 


Should I have dentures, bridges or implants to replace missing teeth?

Dentures have been the standard in dental care for a long time. Advanced dentistry has improved the quality and cosmetic possibility of of today’s denture solutions, but unfortunately the basic principle of dentures has stayed the same and can be limiting compared to modern implant solutions.

When it comes to avoiding the long-term consequences of tooth loss and bone shrinkage, dental implants have proven to be a more effective treatment option.

They preserve the remaining jaw bone, do not damage adjacent teeth, are long lasting (or permanent), and look, act and function like natural teeth.

All On 4 Plus®

All On 4 Plus® is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry.

If you need a full teeth replacement, then this technique can result in longer lasting, more cosmetically pleasing, immediate teeth, compared to conventional techniques.

When just one or two teeth are missing, you may also replace them with a dental bridge that uses nearby teeth as anchor points – but this requires cutting back of the nearby teeth, and sometimes can attract decay in the long term if not effectively cleaned.

With dental implants, your permanent new teeth are held in place by titanium fixtures, which integrate into the jaw bone, and act as a secure foundation for replacing your missing tooth or teeth. They do not damage adjacent teeth, and are strong and permanent. Although implants don’t get decayed, they still require excellent oral hygiene and regular maintenance to make sure the gum around them remains healthy.

Dental implants can replace a full set of teeth reliably and predictably, so you can avoid or get rid of dentures altogether, and we have solutions for implants even in cases of poor or missing jaw bone.

At Complete Implants and Sedation Dentistry, we can help you learn about all your options and choose the treatment and solution that suits your needs and requirements.


Why choose Complete?

Our practice principal, Dr Misagh Habibi, ensures the highest levels of patient care and service are applied at Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry.

Our commitment is to helping you achieve a better quality of life, providing modern dental implant and reconstructive techniques.

Whether you have one missing tooth, or a set of missing teeth, call our friendly receptionists today to explore your options for a renewed, healthy and attractive smile.

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