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When you are looking into teeth replacement -for a single tooth or multiple teeth- a dental extraction procedure may be the first step.

Dental extraction | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Dental Extractions

Dental extraction is a procedure to remove a single damaged or hopeless tooth, multiple teeth or a set of terminal teeth. When you are looking into teeth replacement (for a single or multiple teeth), a dental extraction procedure may be the first step, or at the same time as an immediate implant replacement. At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, we have extensive experience in tooth extractions and minor oral surgery, and qualifications and expertise in IV Sedation Dentistry, to ensure patient comfort. 

Due to our expertise, we also receive referrals from other dental clinics for their patients’ complex or surgical extraction needs.

Tooth extraction is always done based on a full assessment. Our dentist team will discuss any options to save your teeth, and your options for teeth replacement, including in-house implant and anaesthetic options.


Types Of Dental Extraction

If a tooth has been diagnosed as hopeless (such as hopeless level of tooth decay, fracture or infection), extraction is required. An extraction can be either a simple extraction, a sectional removal (removal in pieces), or a surgical tooth removal (involving surgery in the gum or bone to deliver the tooth). A surgical removal is sometimes required for impacted teeth (those which are stuck under the gum or at the wrong angle), or teeth that are so badly broken down that they cannot be removed simply. 

Dental extraction | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Our focus at Complete is on “atraumatic tooth extraction”, that is techniques that are minimally invasive, and which best preserve the original form of the surrounding bone and gum. We use a range of gentle extraction techniques, aiming for efficient and comfortable tooth extractions. Where required, we can help preserve the underlying gum and bone tissue, and optimise healing using bone graft, gum graft, collagen dressing or L-PRF dressing.

If you suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth, we can also help you with wisdom tooth extraction under IV Sedation. With IV sedation you can comfortably sleep your way through wisdom teeth extractions without any anxiety, memory or pain.


Dental Implants And Tooth Extraction

If you are looking at replacing teeth that are to be extracted with dental implants, we always recommend you consult us first because we often can save you time and procedures by placing the implant at the same time as the extraction.

Dr Habibi of Complete Implants has experience in the thousands of “immediate implants” placed at the time of dental extraction, meaning faster, reliable and aesthetic replacement outcomes for patients – even in cases of root canal infection or bone deficiency, pending clinical suitability.

Where relevant, we will use 3D imagery to simulate and visualise your jaw bone and new teeth prior to the procedure, to best plan your procedure.

Single And Multiple Teeth Replacement
Teeth replacement is one of the common procedures we perform at Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry in Perth. If you have missing teeth, or have terminal teeth, you may benefit from dental implants to enjoy a new smile, and an improved overall oral health.

Why Select Complete?

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, your experienced and understanding dentists will make any tooth extraction procedure as comfortable as possible.

Dr Misagh Habibi focuses on surgical procedures: implantology, oral and reconstructive dento-alveolar/periodontal surgery. He has performed thousands of such procedures, often involving teeth removals and replacements. Dr Habibi joins with Melbourne’s Dr Fibishenko as Perth’s only Surgical Associate of the All On 4 Clinic, with particular experience in dental implants and in the All On 4 Plus® method. This technique is based on 4 titanium implants to support your new teeth. Dr Misagh Habibi and the team at Complete have refined the technique and added All On 4 Plus Titanium® as an option for immediate teeth replacement.

Dr Vivian Mascarenhas and Dr Misagh Habibi are both qualified sedationists, and thousands of Complete patients have benefited from comfortable sedation treatments over the years, including for extractions and wisdom teeth removals. So when it comes to efficient teeth extractions and replacements, under comfortable sedation, you are in very experienced hands.

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