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We can use dental implants to solve your denture problems, and restore your ability to eat and socialise in comfort.


Loose Dentures Explained

Loose dentures are a typical denture problem, and at Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we will be happy to assess your situation and to make recommendations for improvement. Removable dentures come in different models: full dentures, to replace a full set of missing teeth, or partial dentures, replacing one or more missing teeth.

For many people, full dentures can be problematic and embarrassing if they feel bulky in the mouth, get loose or move during speech or chewing, or look unnatural.

You may feel that loose dentures challenge your daily life, and your experience when you socialise, chew, speak or smile. You may be relying excessively on denture glues or adhesives and find them difficult. We have provided reliable and effective solutions for many hundreds of patients with these denture problems.

What Causes Loose Dentures?

The longer we are missing our teeth, the more our supporting gums and our jaw bone tend to shrink (a process called atrophy). When wearing removable dentures, this means you occasionally need relining or a replacement, to improve the fit of your dentures. As time passes, the gum and bone may become too small to support your denture appropriately at all.

Lower full dentures are more often affected by this evolution, because the denture is sitting on the gum by gravity only. Upper full dentures tend to take longer to become problematic, since these have a “suction” effect in the mouth, by covering and compressing the soft palate (the roof of the mouth), but upper full denture problems still often take place when bone shrinkage (upper jaw atrophy) becomes advanced with long term tooth loss.

If you had your teeth removed due to extensive jaw or gum infection, then you may never have had much jaw bone to support your denture, making them loose and uncomfortable.

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We can use dental implants to solve your denture problems, and restore your ability to eat and socialise in comfort. There are several options including: 

All On 4 Plus®

All On 4 Plus® is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry.

Stabilised removable implant dentures

Stabilising your dentures using dental implants secured in the jaw, which clips that allow your dentures to attach on and off with ease. Denture stabilisation with implants mean the dentures stay completely stable and comfortable when in your mouth, and are removed for cleaning. Our most common method of stabilising dentures is with “Locator” attachments on your implants, which are proven to be easy to use, long lasting and very effective. This method transforms your dentures from loose and annoying to stable and reliable.

Non-removable implant teeth replacement

Alternatively, our clinic can help you get rid of dentures altogether, by replacing them with permanent new implant teeth. These are fixed implant prostheses like our All-On-4 and All-On-4 Plus methods. These are non-removable teeth and do not have any extra gum coverage, meaning there are no denture flanges or denture plate to cover the roof of your mouth. In almost all cases we perform this procedure as just one surgery under the comfort of sedation, with immediate results, including solutions for cases of poor or lacking jaw bone.


Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry

At Complete, our daily work is Implant and Sedation Dentistry and we are in a very experienced position to solve your denture problem with dental implants. Our first step is to give you a thorough diagnosis and to discuss your situation, your goals, and your options. We will assess your gum and denture problem directly and visualise your jaw bone using radiographic imaging. Then, we will present you options and a clear explanation and comparison of each approach. 

Contact Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry today to solve your denture problem. We take pleasure in giving you a new and comfortable experience with treatment, and with reliable and confident teeth.

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We are located in Subiaco, close to the Perth CBD


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