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About implants, All On 4 Plus® and your new teeth.
New teeth | Complete Dental Implants Perth

New teeth: do I need implants?

If you need new teeth to replace dentures or multiple missing or heavily diseased teeth, then you may have looked into options for dental implants or a full-mouth replacement.
Here at Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry, we help our Perth and WA patients get new healthy and attractive smiles, with a fully customised treatment journey that focuses on their oral health, function and the quality of their smile – as well as time effective, cost effective outcomes.

Implants & single tooth replacement

If you only need a single tooth replaced, then we use an implant supported crown. A fixture (the dental implant) is placed into your jaw bone, and it acts for a secure foundation for the tooth.
Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth
Sometimes when a few teeth are missing, two or more implants can act as a foundation to support an implant bridge.
New teeth | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Implants vs dentures for full teeth replacement

Many patients who need new teeth or teeth replacement chose removable dentures as an option. Over time, many of these patients notice that their dentures no longer fit properly. Full dentures can often feel bulky in the mouth, or move when you chew or speak. At Complete, we have helped many hundreds of patients, with all types of presentations and dental problems, get new implant supported full sets of teeth without these typical denture problems.

The downside of dentures is not just the inconvenience of loose dentures. Over time, they can impact the quality of your jaw bone and this may lead to jaw bone shrinkage. This can alter your overall appearance, and make it more challenging to switch to implants at a later stage. If you experience the inconvenience of problem dentures, and want to explore a more permanent and more comfortable solution for new teeth, then it may be time to talk us here at Complete and get a thorough assessment of your best options.

We are often able to help patients that were previously told they did not have enough bone for implants, or required staged solutions, in efficient and predictable modern techniques in the field of implants, bone and soft tissue grafting, or graft-free All on 4 or zygoma solutions, or denture stabilisation with dental implants. 


Full mouth replacement & All On 4 Plus®

If you have been postponing dental treatment, or want to get rid of your removable dentures, then our full mouth replacement & All On 4 Plus® treatments are worth looking into. At Complete, we are Perth’s official All On 4 Clinic (visit our All On 4 website). The treatment uses 4 dental implants for a full mouth replacement, and it is widely recognised as one of the most advanced dental implant solutions. If you want to get durable, strong new teeth, in just one to four days, then All On 4 Plus® is definitely a treatment technique you should be aware of.
Denture stabilisation | Complete Dental Implants Perth

All On 4 Plus® is one of the many advanced implant procedures we provide. With particular expertise and qualifications in implant dentistry (MSc Oral Implantology, Supervisor, lecturer and mentor in Oral Implantology), you are in experienced and skilled hands.

We routinely use IV Sedation dentistry for these more advanced procedures, for your comfort and convenience, allowing us to place your permanent new teeth in a time efficient and comfortable manner. As we have the skills, qualifications and facilities for these procedures in-house, we are able to focus our services on these procedures, and provide them on a routine, daily basis, rather than involving external providers, specialists and hospitals.

Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Rest assured, eat well and smile with confidence

If you want permanent new teeth, then our team of highly qualified dentists can explore a treatment journey with you that is based on the use of dental implants. Strong, permanent and esthetically pleasing new teeth with an optimised function when you bite, chew or speak, and that will also give you a new smile and a new level of confidence as you show your smile.

If you are concerned about advanced dental problems, or are worried about what it may involve, call in and discuss what we can achieve for you today. We aim for your treatment journey and results to be predictable and outstanding.

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