Gum Lift

Gummy Smile Treatment explained

Gum Lift: What is it?

Gum lift procedures are also known as a Gingivectomy (minor) or Crown Lengthening (moderate). A gum lift procedure is often a cosmetic dentistry treatment, focusing on the aesthetics of your smile. During a gum lift, the gum line of your teeth is modified, to improve the balance between teeth and gums on display when you smile.

A gum lift can also be a part of a restorative treatment, allowing successful restorations or reconstructions to be performed on shorter, damaged or worn down teeth by increasing tooth height above the gum.  At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry in Perth, we offer gum lift treatments where required, as part of our comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive dental solutions.

Gum lift

Gum lift in more detail

Crown lengthening involves gingivectomy plus a reduction of the bone height around the tooth/teeth or tooth roots, to create a taller exposed area (crown) of the tooth. We often perform crown lengthening with modern piezosurgery (gentle ultrasonic bone reduction without the use of drills, burs or chisels). Piezo surgery is kinder to the gum and can help achieve excellent and comfortable recovery outcomes.

A cosmetic gum lift is mostly often applied to the gums around your front teeth or upper teeth, because this area often affects your visible smile. A gum lift procedure such as crown lengthening or gingivectomy usually does not cause too much discomfort and any pain you may experience afterwards can easily be managed with pain killing medicine.

Gingivectomy is a simple reduction of excessive gum tissue, which can be done quickly and simply by excision, laser or electrosurgery.

Gum lift combined with other procedures

A gum lift will sometimes be a stand-alone procedure to improve your gum display. Sometimes we also perform this together with (or in preparation for) other cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, such as tooth buildups with crowns and veneers, or teeth replacement using dental implants.

For more complex oral surgery at Complete, we may recommend IV Sedation Dentistry. This reduces your discomfort as a patient, and can also allow your dentist to perform several aspects of your treatment plan in one session, saving time and money on extra visits or sessions.

Gummy Smile

Showing too much gum is a common problem and it may influence your smile attractiveness. It’s all about displaying a nice balance of teeth and gums when you smile.

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we understand that your smile is an important asset of your personal and professional life. And with our experience in both smile design and cosmetic oral and periodontal surgery, we can discuss your options for improving your gum display and smile.

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At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we have a particular interest in oral surgery under sedation, and have safely helped thousands of patients under this effective form of anaesthesia.

Comfortable, Expert Minor Oral Surgery

Speak to our dentists about what solution may be available for your gum problems, be they advanced gum disease, gum recession, or gummy smile. We offer expert solutions under safe, effective and comfortable sedation methods.

For any surgical based procedure, please refer to our Disclaimer.

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