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Replacement of
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All On 4 Plus® is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry.


Dental Implant Surgery Explained

Dental implant surgery involves implants which integrate in the jaw bone and act as a foundation for teeth replacements. Your dental implant solution is always tailored to your specific situation and needs. From a single missing tooth, to a full mouth reconstruction. At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, we have a particular expertise with dental implant surgery.

A dental implant can support a single missing tooth. Two implants can often support a bridge of several missing teeth. And four to six (or occasionally more) implants can support a full missing set of teeth. First, we will thoroughly assess your situation, your history and your requirements. Our experienced dentists will also listen to what your concerns are, and what you want to achieve.

We then discuss the most suitable dental implant solution for you, and a plan of action. We are focused on streamlined implant techniques that achieve reliable, natural looking and time-effective outcomes that work well and feel great.


Preparing For Dental Implant Surgery

Preparing For Dental Implant Surgery When preparing for dental implants we will visualise the proposed options for your new smile using 3-D imaging, photographs and/or models of your teeth, taking into account what you have told us to be your goals and desires from treatment. We will advise you on the options for dental implants, ranging from conventional methods to the latest, innovative full teeth replacement techniques.
Dental implant surgery | Complete Dental Implants Perth
We will assess whether you need bone or gum grafting, or if a graft-free solution is suitable for you. At all stages, we will answer your questions, and clarify the treatment and pricing options based on our vast experience and expertise in this area.

Techniques And Methods For Dental Implant Surgery

Where possible, dental implant surgery can consist of a combination of the removal of diseased teeth, followed by “immediate implants”, using techniques such as “Teeth in a Day”. These modern techniques can save you time and multiple procedures.

Conventional dental implants will often be left for about three months, for a process called osseointegration. This is when a secure base is created for your new teeth. During this time, temporary solutions will replace your missing teeth.

All On 4 Plus®

All On 4 Plus® is a teeth replacement technique and one of the most innovative dental implant solutions available in modern dentistry. For patients wanting to achieve durable, strong and new teeth on the foundation of only four dental implants per jaw, with immediate results.

The latest techniques for dental implant surgery allow for a full teeth replacement in 2-4 days. The All On 4 method aims to achieve immediate, aesthetic and functional full teeth replacement without lengthy staged treatments or bone graft procedures.

We are a go-to centre in Perth for dental implants and All On 4 immediate implant teeth: the only clinic in Western Australia representing the reputable national organisation All On 4 Clinic. At Complete, Dr Habibi performs dental implants daily, and his innovative All On 4 Plus Titanium® method means that your permanent teeth are made immediately, without the need for temporary teeth, or additional costs to replace them a few months later.

We do not use a “one type” approach to implant solutions, but instead use multiple methods and reputable implant brands to choose what design would best suit your treatment plan – including Nobel Biocare, BioHorizons, AstraTech and Ankylos implants. We also restore cases for MIS, Straumann, Bicon, 3i, Implants Direct and others.


Why Choose Complete?

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, we take pride in meeting your complex treatment needs, and your dental implants requirements, in a comfortable setting, with expert attention and care. Having the entire treatment and fabrication integrated in our Perth clinic means that we can aim to offer you the highest possible level of care and customer service. With all our dental implant surgery options, both surgery and restoration are carried out in-house. You do not need to visit multiple specialists at different locations to achieve your implant outcomes. Your teeth fabrication is carried out by our collaborating team of All-On-4 technicians in Perth as well.

Our principal Dr Misagh Habibi has been awarded a Master of Oral Implantology for his clinical work and research in this field, has been invited as a keynote to international implant conferences. He also tutors other Master students in dental implants. So you are in knowledgeable, skilled and experienced hands when it comes to your dental implants.

Most of all, we look after our patients and our results speak for themself. Feel free to ask us to show you examples of great outcomes we have achieved for cases that are very similar to your particular case requirements. With our extensive experience, there are sure to be many cases similar to yours - whatever your needs.

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