Gummy Smile

Showing Too Much Gum

Showing too much gum or Gummy Smile

Showing too much gum is a common problem and it may influence your smile attractiveness.  It’s all about displaying a nice balance of teeth and gums when you smile.  If you show too much gum, you may feel that your smile is less attractive and this can make you very self conscious.

This delicate balance between “teeth and gums” is not an exact formula and there is individual variation and character. At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we understand that your smile is an important asset of your personal and professional life. And with our experience in both smile design and cosmetic oral and periodontal surgery, we can discuss your options for improving your gum display and smile.

Why am I showing too much gum (gummy smile)?

Showing too much gum

When you are showing too much gum, it can be caused by:

  • The size of your upper lip. If it’s too short, it may uncover more gum, and distort the balance between teeth and gum display.
  • Thick or overgrown gums, sometimes your natural anatomy and sometimes caused by disease or medications.
  • Extended movement of your lip as you smile (either up/back or to the side).
  • Over-eruption (“growing out” of your upper front teeth followed by your gum), and this is often linked to an excessive overbite.
  • VME or Vertical Maxillary Excess. Your upper jaw, in this case, would be very tall, and this creates a large distance between the upper and lower lip.
  • A long and retruded chin combined with a small lower jaw can sometimes be associated with facial forms that show too much gum.

If I’m showing too much gum, what can be done?

There are several surgical options if you decide you want to get rid of your gummy smile.  At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we offer:

  • Gumlift: a minor gum surgery (gingivectomy) to lift up the gum line.
  • Lip repositioning: surgery to stop the lips from exposing too much gum
  • Crown lengthening: raises the gum line and the bone attachment
  • Alveolectomy surgery: reduces the bone volume (in cases of extensive dental infections, when tooth removal is required and teeth replacement recommended)

Gummy Smile Treatment explained

Gum lift procedures are also known as a Gingivectomy (minor) or Crown Lengthening (moderate). A gum lift procedure is often a cosmetic dentistry treatment, focusing on the aesthetics of your smile. During a gum lift, the gum line of your teeth is modified, to improve the balance between teeth and gums on display when you smile.
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  • At our partner practice on-site (NewSmile Dental), for suitable cases, orthodontic treatment is also available (slow and non-invasive treatment, repositioning jaw and teeth alignments).

Get a clear diagnosis

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we will first provide you with a detailed and accurate diagnosis. Based on your situation and your expectations, we will suggest and visualise potential solutions and procedures. Come and discuss your gummy smile treatment or concerns with our friendly and skilled dentist. Contact the clinic to book an appointment.  

For any surgical based procedure, please refer to our Disclaimer.

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