Gum Graft

Treatments for receding gum

Gum graft procedures may be used to restore and rejuvenate receded or aged gum (gum recession), cover unsightly or sensitive exposed tooth-root surfaces, thicken weak and delicate gum, and augment thin or missing tissue around dental implants.


Gum Graft Treatment: What Is It?

 A gum graft treatment (a type of periodontal plastic surgery or microsurgery) is also called gingival graft, gingival grafting or gum regeneration. It is used to regenerate or modify the soft tissues in the periodontal area that is thin, receding, or expected to recede.

When we assess your situation, we will discuss whether a gum graft or a gum regeneration is suitable for you. Before any gum grafting is planned, our dental surgeons will make sure that your gums aren’t affected by gum disease and that home hygiene is on track. The graft recipient needs to be healthy and free from inflammation.

After treatment, you need to take care of the grafted area and avoid pressure on it until it’s ready to have the sutures (stitches) removed.


Types Of Gum Graft Treatment

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, we will always discuss your options with you, depending on your personal situation, and your requirements. We perform a few types of gum graft treatment in our Perth clinic:
Gum graft | Complete Dental Implants Perth
Connective Tissue Graft

A strip of tissue is taken from below the palate, and used to bulk and graft the tissue in the defective site (we often perform this through a “flap-free” Tunnel Technique).

Alloderm Graft

A donor-based tissue matrix is used instead of the patient’s own tissue. This is to avoid a second incision and wound, which would need to heal as well. (also called Acellular Dermal Matrix).

Free Gingival Graft

Surface gum is isolated from the palate, and used to replace the missing tissue.

Coronally Repositioned Flap

The gum area is lifted and sutured into a new position covering more tooth surface.


Muscle attachments and tissue tensions, acting on areas that are thin or delicate, are relieved, to prevent further recession.

Leukocyte and Platelet Rich Fibrin(L-PRF)

A special substance, high in growth factors, fibrin and white blood cells, is made from the patient’s own blood in our surgery. It is then used to close, or help augment tissue defects.


What To Expect At Complete

If you need a gum graft treatment, then you will be in good hands at Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry in Subiaco (Perth).

We use purpose equipped rooms, modern sedation techniques monitoring systems, and have a particular expertise in oral surgery procedures such as dental implants, bone and gum grafting. We also have a vast experience applying IV Sedation Dentistry, for patients with complex treatment needs or patients who are scared of the dentist experience. For your gum grafting or gingival graft procedure, as well as a comprehensive range of dental implant options, you can count on our friendly and highly qualified team at Complete.

Gum Recession
In gum recession, gum tissue recedes and lowers its position on the tooth. This means it lifts up in the upper teeth, or lowers in the lower teeth, exposing the tooth roots below and making your teeth look longer.

Our Take On Performing A Gum Graft Treatment

Gum grafting can improve outcomes for your gums, teeth, or dental implants, in many situations where the gum is thin, receded or deficient, as long as it is first free from inflammatory disease.

Our aim is to be improve your outcomes in function and cosmetics in a way that is efficient, minimally invasive and as comfortable as possible. Our focus is to ensure your comfort (utilising gentle surgical technique and IV sedation).

If you have thin or receding gum (gingival recession), call our team of friendly receptionists today, to make a consultation on whether gum grafting treatment may be suitable for you.

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