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Sleep or IV Sedation Dentistry Perth

Sleep Dentistry Explained

Sleep dentistry is a technique aimed at providing the highest levels of comfort for a patient during a dental procedure. It can be applied if you are scared of the dentist procedure, and in case of complex treatment requirements.

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry, we have helped thousands of patients with complex dental care and oral surgery under sedation, and our team has a particular expertise in Perth in this area. 

We believe nobody should be held back from achieving their optimal dental health or reconstructive care for fear of pain or discomfort, or dental phobia or anxiety. 


Who Is Sleep Dentistry For?

Sleep dentistry is sometimes called conscious or twilight sedation. It uses calming and pain relieving drugs, so the patient feels comfortable and is in a state of deep relaxation during the dental, implant or oral surgery procedure. Its depth can be tailored to a patient’s treatment requirements, that is what is most suitable for the patient and their procedure.

As you wake up afterwards, you would typically feel that you have “slept through your procedure”. The effects of the sedative make patients feel, as if they have had a more than relaxing sleep. In addition, you will usually have no (or very little) memory of the procedure or the time around it.

Sleep dentistry can be a great tool for you if you have complex dental issues, require lengthy or complex treatments such as full mouth implant reconstruction, oral surgery or lengthy or multi-visit dental procedures. You can often have your treatment completed in as little as one comfortable sedation visit.

If you are sensitive at the dentist, or have a low pain threshold, or suffer from dental phobia and are scared of the dentist, or if you suffer from a strong gag reflex, difficulty keeping your mouth open, or difficulty numbing your mouth, then sleep dentistry may also be the solution for you.

At Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry we have a state-of-the-art clinic with a strong focus on sleep dentistry to help patients with dental phobia, complex treatment needs or advanced dental solutions. Our goal is to ensure your comfort whilst you’re in our care, and to improve your outlook for future dental health.


Our Expertise With Sedation Dentistry

Dr Habibi, the practice principal at Complete, has a strong professional focus on complex procedures utilising safely administered and monitored sedation. Both our Dr Habibi and Dr Mascarenhas are endorsed IV sedation providers, with postgraduate university training and qualifications in Sedation Dentistry. With the assistance of our in-house experienced registered nurse in anaesthesia, our sedation dentists having safely administered sedation for thousands of patients, so you are in very experienced hands during your oral surgical or dental treatment. 

Phobia And Complex Work
Scared of the dentist? You are not alone. Rest assured, this is a very common situation, even if you are fully aware of the progress in dentistry, and the technology that keeps improving and evolving.

Because complex dental work can be done under sedation, several processes can happen in one session. In other words, you’re not only comfortable for advanced or lengthy procedures, you’re also saving time and in many cases money with a sleep dentistry treatment. 

Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Why Fear Of The Dentist Is Nothing To Worry About

There are numerous modern advances in dentistry and the skills and technology used at Complete keeps evolving. Yet, fear of the dentist is still a very common problem. If you are anxious about a procedure, you are not alone, and it may be reassuring to learn how common this is. We are even referred many patients from other dental practices to look after under sedation. We are not here to downplay your concerns, and we will do everything we can to explore the use of sedation dentistry for your oral health journey, so you can feel relaxed and comfortable throughout the process. 

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