Gummy Smile Treatment

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What can you do if I’m showing too much gum?
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Gummy smile treatment in brief

A gummy smile treatment is all about restoring the balance between the amount of gum you display when you smile, versus the amount of teeth and lips. If you feel that this is out of balance, you  may have heard that you have a “gummy smile”.

Gummy smile treatment uses cosmetic dentistry to correct that balance, so you can take a fresh start with a new smile.

Gummy smile treatment

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Gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile treatment: am I suitable?

At Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry we love clarity. That’s why we will always start with a diagnosis, giving you an in-depth assessment of your situation.

This allows us to fully understand the cause of your gummy smile, and to define the most suitable treatment solution available here at Complete.

Cosmetic Dentistry makes use of IV Sedation to make your treatment journey as comfortable as possible. In the past, procedures used to be spread over a larger amount of sessions. With sleep dentistry, it is now possible to group different parts of the overall treatment in one session, with more comfort for our patients, in a minimal amount of sessions.

What gummy smile treatment does to people

We often see that the quality of a patient’s smile goes way beyond their oral health.  The truth is, if we feel very conscious about our smile, we might start to change our attitude, and avoid spontaneous facial expressions which are an important part of our interactions and relationships.

We often hear patients talk about their renewed self confidence after treatment, as they smile more freely and confidently.  As dentists, it’s a very rewarding process to help our patients not only with their oral health, but with the quality of their everyday lives as well.

Passionate about new smiles

At Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry - behind the scenes, we use our expertise as implantology experts and dentists with a particular interest in advanced cosmetic, surgical and restorative procedures. We build on our large expertise using IV Sedation Dentistry to ensure optimal patient comfort and time-efficient results. And we use our ongoing training and research as a foundation to offer high quality service in a state-of-the-art clinic.

Gummy smile treatment

So if you wanted to explore your options for a gummy smile treatment or a new smile, please speak to our friendly reception team to make an appointment. We look forward to creating that clarity, and to helping you discover that new, less-gummy smile.

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