Implant Solutions

Implant Solutions

Steps to a New Smile using Dental Implants at Perth’s Complete Implant Dentistry

Complete Implant and Sedation Dentistry offers:

  • Dental implants and teeth replacements from single missing teeth to full mouth reconstructions.
  • IV sedation dentistry for patient comfort during dental implant procedures or other oral (dento alveolar) surgery.

Our friendly team takes pride in meeting your complex treatment needs in comfortable, relaxed settings and with expert attention and care.

Simplified Procedure

The following explains the process of fitting dental implants in five simple phases.

1. Assessment, Diagnosis and Planning

Assessment, Diagnosis and Planning

The first step is to consult with our experienced dentists for a thorough assessment of your situation, history, and requirements. We will first listen to what your concerns are and what you want to achieve.

We then offer the most suitable treatment options for your situation, explaining dental implants and sedation dentistry and pricing options. We will propose a plan of action, answering your questions and ensuring you understand the process involved.

Radiology referrals for cone beam imaging, x-rays, or CT scans may be organised, if necessary. Photographic and radiographic assessment of your smile is done at this stage.

2. Surgery


Sedation may be used for patient comfort during oral (dento alveolar) surgery. Dental implant surgery generally takes around one to two hours depending on the number of implants required and whether associated bone grafting or modification is needed.

The procedure can often be done in one stage, but some cases may require a two stage surgery where dental implants are initially left submerged under the gum and exposed in a short procedure at a future date.

Modern techniques

Where possible, Dr Habibi will remove diseased teeth in the same implant dentistry procedure. He is accomplished in ‘immediate implants’ meaning implants are often installed at the same time as the tooth extraction. If you are considering having teeth extracted, talk to Dr Habibi and this team about techniques such as ‘immediate implants’ and ‘Teeth in a Day’. Modern techniques now allow simultaneous removal and restoration of teeth, depending on the case, while saving you time and multiple procedures.

3. Integration


Dental implants will commonly be left for a period of about three months for a microscopic process called osseointegration, essential for creating a secure base for your new teeth. Temporary solutions will replace your missing teeth during this time.

4. Restoration

After the integration period, permanent restoration work (crown, bridge or prosthesis) is completed for a fixed, permanent and naturally attractive result. In some cases, such as the immediate All-on-4 Plus technique for full sets of teeth, the final bridge is fitted within 2-3 days of the surgery rather than the conventional three month wait.


Before and after photos are provided as examples only and are not indicative of any guaranteed results for your specific situation.

5. Post Care

Post Care

Care for your dental implants as if they were natural teeth with regular brushing, flossing and hygiene maintenance for a long-lasting, healthy smile.

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