All on 4 dental implants

All on 4 dental implants

Dental Implants with All on 4 Plus at Perth Implant Dentistry

The All-on-4 Plus teeth replacement solution is ideal for loose dentures or to fix the damage caused by advanced dental or gum disease. No lengthy staged treatments or bone graft procedures are required.*

Dr Habibi’s All-on-4 Plus dental implant teeth replacement solution follows on from the pioneering work of Dr Paulo Malo of Portugal who developed the original All-on-4 dental implant reconstruction technique and refinements made to that technique by Dr Fibishenko of Melbourne.

The technique became a valuable treatment for patients wanting to avoid lengthy treatment times and achieve durable, strong and beautiful new teeth all on the foundation of only four dental implants per jaw.

Dr Habibi’s All-on-4 Plus technique is provided in-house at his Subiaco rooms, with your new smile achieved in two to four days. There are no dentures or plates, just new, case-designed, permanent, functional and cosmetic teeth attached to strategically positioned dental implants.

All-on-Four Implants (All-on-4) Treatment Journey

The journey starts with an initial consultation where Dr Habibi will assess your teeth and gums and advise of available treatment options. If All-on-4 or All-on-4 Plus is the right treatment option for your situation, the following process will typically occur:

Prior to Week of Treatment

Pre-op – Impressions of your teeth and/or gums, photographic analysis, cosmetic planning, 3-D computer imaging and planning. We also take into account your input and aesthetic preferences.

Week of Treatment

  • Day One
    • All-on-4 Plus method of dental implant surgery using IV sedation
    • If you have teeth and infected tissue that require removal, this is done at the same time. Your jaws are prepared and the implants are placed. The crest of the bone is usually flattened to allow sufficient space for a cosmetic implant restoration and to create an optimal cosmetic and hygienic result.
    • A mock-up of your new teeth is related to your dental implants and impressions are taken.
  • Day Two
    • Try-in of your new implant-supported teeth; assessment of the design for fine-tuning of cosmetics and bite.
    • At this appointment you have the opportunity of assessing your new smile and providing feedback for fine-tuning (tooth positioning, shade, appearance and bite).
  • Day Three and/or Four
    • Insertion and attachment of your new All-on-4 Plus dental implant teeth made of cosmetically finished high impact acrylic on an underlying CAD-CAM case-designed titanium framework. This is a unique feature of Dr Habibi‚Äôs method, in that instead of a conventional acrylic temporary implant denture which is usually attached after surgery, you receive the permanent titanium hybrid implant bridge within 2-3 days of surgery. This is a tremendous advance in the All-on-4 implant solution.
    • A beautiful new smile.

After Treatment

Post-op – Generally, very little discomfort is experienced in the post op period, and analgesic medications control this very well.

You will need to keep to a soft-liquid diet for several weeks, as the implants osseointegrate into the jaw bone. You need to be strict with the soft diet rule, even though it will feel like you can comfortably eat anything. Smoking is to be avoided. After this period, a normal diet is resumed.


Why Choose Perth Implant, Dentistry for All-on-4 Teeth Replacement

  • We are Perth’s official All On 4 Clinic, the only WA clinic selected to represent the reputable national organisation. Dr Habibi performs implant procedures daily, with All-on-4 procedures as part of his weekly schedule. He also provides on-site anaesthetic and surgical services which the All On 4 Clinic is renowned for.
  • Dr Habibi’s innovative All-on-4 Plus (Titanium) dental implant technique can result in longer lasting, more cosmetically pleasing immediate teeth compared to conventional techniques.
  • Your permanent titanium-based All-on-4 teeth are made immediately, instead of traditional ‘temporary’ teeth which require titanium replacement at additional cost a few months later.
  • All treatment (including surgery and restoration) is carried out in-house by Dr Habibi in Perth, and your teeth fabrication is carried out by his team of on-site All-on-4 technicians in Perth.
  • Every member of Dr Habibi’s team, from his patient coordinator, assistants, registered nurse to technicians, is with you every step of the way. They carry out advanced implant surgical procedures every day and manage nervous patients with gentle care, proven experience and IV sedation techniques.
  • Dr Habibi restricts his practice to implantology and oral (dentoalveolar and periodontal plastic) surgery and receives referrals for the All-on-4 procedure from other dentists due to his experience in the field. He educates and mentors other dentists in the All-on-4 procedure with the support of Nobel Biocare, the trusted implant company that first provided the technique.

All-on-4 Teeth Replacement Results by Dr Misagh Habibi

See some of the results we have achieved for our All-on-4 patients. Photos are provided as examples only and are not indicative of any guaranteed results for your individual circumstances.

All-on-Four Endure
All-on-Four Endure
All-on-Four Endure

See our official All on 4 Clinic website for more information about the All-on-4 Plus procedure, to request an information brochure and to see examples of Dr Habibi’s work.