Wisdom teeth removal: In the comfort and convenience of I.V. Sedation

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How our wisdom teeth and sleep dentistry package allows for affordable and comfortable wisdom teeth removal, every day.

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Wisdom teeth removal package:

People are often concerned that wisdom teeth removal may be an unpleasant procedure. But that’s not the case, if the right sedation/anaesthetic option and the right experienced wisdom teeth dentists or surgeons are involved.

Because of our experience and expertise in intravenous sedation and surgical wisdom teeth removal, plus our in-house fully equipped sedation clinic, we aim to provide the highest value wisdom teeth/sedation package in Perth.

Allowing for removal of 3-4 wisdom teeth under the comfort of fully expert administered and monitored intravenous sedation, for only $1699. *Conditions apply, see our wisdom teeth website for details.

wisdom teeth removal

Sleep dentistry for more comfort

At Complete, we help Perth patients with many different complex procedures: from smile makeovers, full mouth replacement and implants, to dento-alveolar and wisdom teeth surgery. In this area, our team builds on the experience of thousands of surgical procedures using IV Sedation dentistry. It’s also commonly called sleep dentistry because you are able to snooze comfortably through your procedure, without the need or expense of a hospital booking.

wisdom teeth removal

Endorsed IV Sedation providers in Perth

Dr Habibi and Dr Mascarenhas both use safely administered and fully monitored sedation techniques for a wisdom teeth removal procedure. Both Drs are endorsed providers, with a postgraduate university qualifications in Sedation administration. For your procedure, the dentist is assisted by our in-house registered nurse in anaesthesia. 

It’s perfectly normal to have concerns about any procedure. Our experienced team understand, and do everything they can to plan the most comfortable treatment journey, so you can feel well looked after, and comfortable throughout the process. Memory free, comfortable and efficient wisdom teeth removal at an affordable price in Perth - come and see us for a consultation, or see our wisdom teeth website for more information.

For any surgical based procedure, please refer to our Disclaimer.

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