Smile Creation: how we do it

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Our smile creations or makeovers draw on various aspects of modern cosmetic and implant dentistry aiming for a transformative outcome, optimising a smile for both your aesthetics and function.

Smile creation and smile makeovers

If you have been very self conscious about your smile, there are modern solutions worth exploring. There are many reasons you may choose to embark on a smile creation journey: missing or decayed teeth, crowded teeth, alignment problems, gum disease, facial shrinkage from denture wear, whatever problems may be causing you pain, discomfort, difficulty with chewing, smiling or socialising. We love to see transformative outcomes where patients not only regain their oral health, but also no longer hold back their smile, and interact with confidence.
smile creation
smile creation

What exactly is a smile creation?

It’s called a smile creation because the most obvious end result is an improved smile. And it does take “creative” work to observe, assess, measure, visualise, plan and perform a smile creation. In essence a smile makeover is an advanced medical and dental procedure, based on science, but executed with skill and art. It starts with a diagnosis of what has been impacting your current smile, and looks at your overall oral health, your oral and jaw symptoms, and your social concerns.

Our associate dentists at our on-site partner practice NewSmile Dental collaborate with us for the benefit of patients, for general dental needs, such as preventive and restorative dentistry, tooth whitening and orthodontics, our focus at Complete is implant teeth replacement procedures on a daily basis: the most advanced type of smile creation treatments.

A new smile with dental implants

As each patient’s circumstances are unique, each smile makeover is unique. There is no “one size fits all” approach. Thanks to the advances in modern dentistry, and to the use of sleep dentistry, your smile makeover can be a more comfortable procedure, and multiple legs of the treatment journey can be performed in as little as one or two visits to create a full dental makeover outcome.

One popular smile creation method using implants, which patients seek our help for every day, is the renowned All-on-4 implant technique. Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry in Subiaco are Perth’s only official All On 4 Clinic. This treatment uses four implants, strategically positioned and designed to support a full teeth replacement, usually resulting in a new smile in just 1-4 days after one surgery. However this is just one type of smile re-creation method we use at Complete. In many cases, more conventional implant methods and non-implant based reconstructions are required. It is important to have a professional assessment for the options that best suit your unique circumstances.

How do you design my new smile?

A smile makeover treatment must always start with thorough diagnosis. We will perform clinical assessment, including radiographs, dental, jaw and oral tissue screening, to get clear on your overall oral health. Then, considering your individual presentation, facial and smile appearance and the results goals that you have, we will consider treatment options. For smile makeovers involving cosmetic work to teeth, gums and implants, we will often design the desired outcome in a 3D analogue or digital visualisation. After this we are able to skilfully carry out all the aspects of treatment to meet the result.
smile creation

Can I sleep during my smile creation process?

If you are concerned about sitting through treatment, or if your treatment plan requires extensive treatment such as extractions, gum surgery, grafting, dental implants, or multiple tooth restorations or buildups with crowns, then this can be done using IV Sedation Dentistry, for optimal comfort. At Complete, we have safely administered sedation in thousands of procedures, and will always aim to make your journey to a new smile is a smooth one. If have complex dental problems and you have any questions about your smile creation possibilities, contact Complete today.

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