Single tooth

Is it possible?

If I have one hopeless or missing tooth, can you replace it? 

Single tooth replacement | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Single tooth replacement is possible.

Nobody enjoys missing teeth, especially when it’s visible in your smile or affects your chewing. Single tooth replacement can be done effectively and aesthetically in modern dentistry. 

Even a single missing tooth can lead to problems, so it’s important to consider tooth replacement options. Our modern dental implant treatments provide an excellent solution for many patients. Just look through some of our results!


Single tooth replacement: why?

A single tooth replacement procedure is often recommended to prevent problems that it may cause, or sometimes for aesthetic reasons.

A hopeless or a missing tooth may affect your bite, and it can also impact the quality of your smile. 

Single tooth replacement | Complete Dental Implants Perth

As time goes by, the gap might cause a shift in your other teeth, if left untreated. That’s why we recommend to look into a solution as soon as you can, or even before an extraction is planned.

We often see patients who suffer from minor difficulties chewing, smiling or speaking, all because of a single missing tooth. At Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry, we love creating clarity with a diagnosis and a holistic oral care plan.! 

Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth

So what can be done?

A partial denture can serve as a single tooth replacement. The dental prostheses can be fixed (attached to other teeth, bridges or implant abutments). 

Another option is a bridge which fills the space by anchoring to crowns on adjacent teeth.

But in most cases, a dental implant provides an optimal solution without any compromise to adjacent structures, and without any dentures.

Many times our experienced dentists are able to save and restore a diseased tooth. In case that’s not possible, you will get full advice on long term replacement solutions. They include implants, which often rescue your smile and your overall function.


Did you know you can sleep through it all?

Sleep Dentistry makes tooth replacement procedures more comfortable than before. At Complete Implant & Sedation Dentistry, we have a particular expertise and a keen interest in IV Sedation Dentistry. At our state-of-the-art clinic in Subiaco (Perth), we have helped thousands of patients with basic or more advanced cosmetic dentistry work under sedation. 

Single tooth replacement | Complete Dental Implants Perth

So if you’re worried about spending some time in the dentist’s chair, please get in touch and enquiry about our sleep dentistry procedures. Replacing that one hopeless or missing tooth may be a much easier journey than you thought!

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