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Denture problems and why they occur.

Denture problems are very common; these range from patients stating they are poor fitting, painful, loose and bulky – making it difficult to talk properly and to eat.

These issues are often a result of bone shrinkage (loss of bone density in the jaw) that occurs once your original teeth have been removed. 

Changes in face shape is a sure sign that reflects the loss of bone density and will continue to occur over time. Denture wearers often state that they wish they could enjoy chewing a steak, biting in to an apple or eating corn on the cob again. This can be possible with implant supported dentures to help provide stability and comfort. 


Replacing dentures with dental implants

Many of our Perth patients, who are either considering or currently wearing removable dentures, have asked us to explain the benefits of utilising dental implants, compared to just wearing traditional dentures. 

The obvious major benefits are that dental implants help to minimise bone loss, provide the ability to chew more comfortably and enhance overall functionality again. 

Denture problems | Complete Dental Implants Perth

Dental implants can be either fixed to your denture (permanent) or you may consider a removable denture option that is stabilised by dental implants. Both options increase stability, improve function and comfort and of course enable you to enjoy smiling with confidence again. 

The process will always start with a consult to assess your oral health and current concerns. Our highly qualified and friendly dentists then undertake Xrays to determine if there is enough bone available in your jaw to successfully hold the dental implants in place – in the case that there is not enough bone, many options will be discussed in order to work around this, which may include the All On 4/All On 4 Plus dental implant method or the use of Zygomatic implants. Our team has immense expertise in the field of implantology which really does set us apart.

Denture problems | Complete Dental Implants Perth

What is All On 4?

All On 4 and All On 4 Plus® are techniques for immediate dental implant restoration. If you have been diagnosed with severe gum disease, are currently wearing dentures or have terminal teeth, then All On 4 is a popular alternative to dentures. Compared to conventional dental implant methods for full mouth cases, All On 4 involves utilising 4 implants specially angled in to the jaw bone to create stability for a fixed denture. 

This technique is undertaken over the period of 3-4* days in the comfort of our modern facility – with minimal downtime required means you can be back to your usual activities in no time at all. Our principal, Dr Misagh Habibi exclusively provides Implantology and Dento-alveolar/perio-plastic reconstructive surgery services. Dr Habibi has innovated the “All On 4 Plus®” Titanium method, allowing for a permanent full arch immediate titanium hybrid restoration. You can find out more about this particular method on our partner clinic website, the All On 4 Clinic.

*pending clinical circumstances


How does the All On 4 Treatment work?

This is the typical journey for an All On 4 Treatment in Perth:

  • Initial consultation & assessment by Dr Habibi to discuss available treatment options
  • If All On 4 is the right option, impressions of your teeth and gums
  • Photographic analysis
  • Cosmetic Planning, 3D computer imaging
  • Mapping your input and aesthetic preferences
  • All On 4 Plus® treatment (dental implant surgery under IV Sedation)
  • Try-in of your new teeth and assessment of cosmetics and bite
  • Feedback
  • Insertion and attachment of new implant teeth within 2-3 days of surgery
Dr Misagh Habibi | Complete Dental Implants Perth

A significant amount of our Perth patients are switching from dentures to dental implant options (whether fixed or removable). The innovations in dental implant surgery, and the comfort of IV Sedation Dentistry here at our state-of-the-art clinic, often support this type of decision. 

Our team of highly qualified dentists led by Dr Misagh Habibi, resident anaesthetist and registered nurse all with many years of experience in anaesthesia will put your mind at ease knowing your experience will be safe, comfortable and produce wonderful results that will enable you to enjoy life without having to worry about the frustrations of traditional dentures. If you have any questions, please contact our caring team today.

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